About Us

We are an online scientific community that focuses specifically on light and its distribution. Light illuminates everything we do, and it is a very important part of our lives. We need light to live comfortably and feel safe. There are many different ways to manage and create light, which is what we study here in our scientific community. We bring together both professional researchers, students, and casual observers who are interested in light and the way it works to create a happy and healthy planet.

Our online community is involved in a variety of different ventures relating to light and light technology. On our site, you can find tons of content explaining the basics of light distribution, as well as a variety of different light technologies. You’ll also find more in-depth reviews of intricate light concepts. Additionally, we are involved in the research of many new and exciting light products. One of our biggest goals is to help bring together researchers from around the world who have similar interests to collaborate and share ideas.

Our content is written by our top-ranking members, and we are always looking for new contributors and members of the community. It is free to join, and then you can work your way up to higher rankings to receive more contribution opportunities. While anyone can join our discussions and access our content, only verified science students and professional researchers can connect for official research projects or post high-level content. We aim to keep our site reliable for all of our readers.

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