Our Mission

Here in our online community, our broader goal is to further the study of light and light technologies via in-depth scientific processes. We believe that new light technology can change the way our world works, and can help everyone live a healthier lifestyle. We want to bring together intelligent scientists from around the world to discuss these unique concepts and share research in an open and friendly manner.

Our members are involved in a variety of different types of projects that span a very broad range of light-related topics. There are a few ideas that we’ve been focused on very specifically over the past several years because we believe they are urgent and important. Here are some of our biggest focuses in light technology development.

  • Environmentally friendly light sources: This is one of the most important focuses for anyone in the light community at the moment. With global climate change becoming a looming problem, it is absolutely necessary for us as a community to use light sources that are as eco-friendly as possible. Our researchers are exploring ways of light that use less power and are non-toxic to use and dispose of.
  • Accessible lighting for rural and poor areas: We believe that everyone should have access to electricity, no matter their socioeconomic status. Being able to use light at night can increase productivity and keep people safer. Unfortunately, in some areas of the world, this kind of light is a luxury. Our goal is to explore affordable light sources that could be self-assembled anywhere for easy use.
  • Healthy light sources: Many people don’t realize that artificial light can have an effect on your Circadian rhythms, which affect your sleep cycle. It’s important to get eight hours of sleep at a consistent time each night to remain healthy, but this can be very difficult to do if you are constantly surrounded by artificial light. Manufactured lighting tends to contain higher amounts of blue light, which can make it more difficult for you to fall asleep and stay asleep. Our members are studying different technologies and tools you can use to make your light healthier so you can maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

These are just a few of the many light-related concepts we are interested in as a community. We are excited to further the development of new light technologies, and expose many people around the world to these new ideas.